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Elbow Patches – Practical or Stylish?

Elbow Patch Seer Sucker Jacket

Seer Sucker Jacket with Elbow Patch

Tweed jackets were the first clothing items to have the elbow patch; it served a functional purpose when it was introduced. This was to reduce the amount of dirt, wear and tear the jacket endured while the hunter placed his elbow on a surface to make steady his arm and take aim.

Tweed Elbow Patch Jacket

Tweed Elbow Patched Jacket

Elbow patches have been creeping back into retail shops for the past 5 years. They are now undoubtedly an affectation rather than practical application. I personally like the way they add more detail to the shirt or jacket, giving it a unique identity. It’s a way to add a touch of fun to what sometimes can be a rather dull clothing. You can find them included on shirts, jackets, sweaters, sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts.

Elbow Patched Knitwear

Elbow Patched Knitwear

In some cases, the elbow patch is an option if you seek to repair worn-out jacket arms to breathe new life into the piece of clothing – and turning it into a style statement. Men wanting to get the look without spending a lot need to consider either a DIY approach or you can simply take it to your trusted tailor to get it done.

Leather Elbow Patch

The down side is that it’ll make the jacket or shirt easily remembered (not exactly a bad thing) whenever you wear it. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to play with the right blend of colours (burgundy patch and navy shirt, brown patch and blue shirt, grey patch and blue or pink shirt and the like) adding flair to the piece of clothing.


Qollars Check Shirt with grey elbow patches

What do you think about elbow patches? Your opinions are welcome – feel free to include a photograph of you sporting one.


Qollars Denim Effect Shirt with check elbow patches

Speaking of which, have you seen our denim effect and check shirts with elbow patches?

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