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Becoming The Well Dressed Man – Fit

Becoming The Well Dressed Man

To transform yourself into the well-dressed man this year won’t necessarily cost you a lot of money, you simply need to choose clothes that complement your build, colouring and personality. When buying a piece of clothing only buy it if it fits you well, then consider whether the colour suits you and finally consider whether it is stylish or inspiring. Seems obvious right? You’ll be surprised how hard it is to stick to this even if you don’t disagree with it.

Any piece of clothing will flatter you more if it fits well. I’m sure you have a piece of clothing in your wardrobe to back this theory up – I’m talking about that piece in your wardrobe that you wear quite often because it fits your body perfectly. Those jeans, that t-shirt, those sweaters, that shirt, which follows the silhouette of your body in a flattering way.

If something you’re wearing doesn’t fit well, it’s usually the first thing people will notice that is odd – no matter how stylish it is. The triplet, ‘fit, colour and style’ in this order of priority should be your mantra while shopping for clothes this year. This post is about the first part of the trio, and will cover fit. Subsequent posts will cover colour and style.

The fit of a piece of clothing is directly related to the size of the clothing – unfortunately a lot of men still don’t know what size they wear. As e-commerce expands and shopping for clothes evolves towards online shopping, knowing your size becomes even more important because you don’t have the opportunity to try the clothes on before they arrive. Cash-On-Delivery, which is popular in Nigeria is absolutely great for customers because they can easily try the clothes on when it arrives before paying the deliveryman. However, it seems to reduce the need for customers to know their size because they know they can always hand the clothing back to the deliveryman if it doesn’t fit without any fees or costs to bear. Knowing your size not only helps you buy better fitting clothes, it also saves the retailer shipping costs every time you return a piece of clothing – costs that can be used to improve the products and services.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man

You can measure yourself or get family and friends to do it for you with a measuring tape available at your local supermarket and don’t worry about how to go about it, there are tons of articles and videos online on how to measure yourself. You’ll need to find out the following measurements:

  • Collar
  • Chest
  • Sleeve length
  • Waist
  • Inside leg

Also keep in mind that different manufacturers or brands use different sizing systems usually region specific.

Another important thing to consider when you’re looking for the right fit is your body build – this relates to your body shape, your scale, height and proportions. A man’s body shape is much more streamlined than a woman’s making it less complicated to categorise. There are three basic body shapes men can be classified under: inverted triangle, rectangle and rounded or oval. To identify your basic body shape, answer the questions next to each illustration below.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man

Body Shapes – Men

Inverted TriangleBecoming The Well Dressed Man

Do you have…

Broad shoulders?

A full or well-defined chest?

A trim waist?

Narrow hips?

Your overall stature is impressive with your broad upper body and narrow hips. Your challenge in getting the correct fit is to avoid obscuring your silhouette, which needs to remain uncluttered. When wearing more than one layer of clothing, make sure your silhouette remains visible, so avoid bulky clothes, such as chunky knit jumpers.


RectangleBecoming The Well Dressed Man

Do you have…

Straight shoulders?

A straight torso?

A flat stomach?

A flattish bottom?

You can walk into a store and buy an off-the-rack suit without any problems; you have the widest selection of styles to choose from when shopping because most manufacturers and brands construct their clothes with this body shape in mind.

However, ensure that the scale and proportions are right for your height and build.


Rounded or OvalBecoming The Well Dressed Man

Do you have…

Rounded shoulders?

A wide neck?

A flat upper chest, which curves out over the rest of your torso?

A fullness around the waist?

You have a contoured and cuddly physique – fabric is your main consideration when choosing clothes, as your silhouette needs to be gently contoured. Comfort and correct fit should be your priorities. Don’t allow your casual trousers to slip down your natural waistline as it would give the illusion of shortening your legs and actually making your stomach look fuller. Your target is to not add too much bulk in the way of clothes.


If you’re unsure which body build you fit into after this, consider getting a personal style report where I can have a look at your picture and tell you what your shape is including the accompanying personal style report. Remember that because the bathroom scale shows you haven’t gained weight in the last 5-10 years doesn’t mean your measurements will stay the same.

When you see a man that’s well dressed it’s simple to see why. Not only are his clothes the correct size, they are also the correct FIT. This means that his jeans might be slim fitting or straight fitting, his suit might be in a tailored fit or a regular fit and the knit of his jumper might be fine or heavy. The way that these ‘fits’ are determined is through your body shape. For some of you, your body shape, scale and proportions may prove a challenge when shopping for clothes, whilst for others this won’t be the main factor in dictating your choice because most styles fit you well. Whatever your case is, ensure you get the right fit. Stay fresh.


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