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Bar Etiquette – Ordering Drinks

Bar etiquette

This post was originally written for The Place Lagos. At The Place Night Club, the crowds come in regularly to enjoy the quality of the atmosphere and the ambience. In any bustling environment, one could easily get overwhelmed if you don’t know your way about. Experienced bar-goers will tell you that getting served a drink in a bustling environment requires you to have your wits at its best. When everyone is competing for the bartender’s attention, there are things you can do and things you shouldn’t do to get on the bartenders good side and minimise the time you spend waiting. I’m not talking about flirting with or promising the bartender anything either – I’m talking about bar etiquette.


  • Be prepared: It’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re going to order, the more efficient your transaction, the better your relationship with the bartender/waiter and the more likely you get served quickly.
  • Choose your spot wisely: There’ll be times you’ll just have to go to the bar to order your drinks yourself. In this case, position yourself opposite the till (because the bartender will return to it after each order); or position yourself next to someone being served.
  • Make eye contact: When you do make eye contact, a subtle smile with your chin up will work in your favour.
  • Give your order quickly, loudly and clearly.
  • Tip generously if you can. They’ll remember it and any future orders will likely ensure a prompt service. This is not guaranteed.


  • Don’t wave like a drowning swimmer, bang, tap or call out rudely.
  • Don’t wave your money to get the bartenders attention, it’s not a strip club
  • Don’t snap your fingers
  • Don’t say ‘I’m next’, it’s usually at the bartenders discretion to decide who’s next.

Remember these points and you’ll be on your way to being an expert at getting the bar tenders attention and having your drinks served promptly. As always, stay fresh and drink responsibly.


  1. I may not go to bars all that much, but my friends do. They had actually told me that the best thing you can do if get on the bar tender’s good side, especially if you’re going to become a regular. From my point of view, I think you’ll probably avoid doing the list of don’ts if you remember the golden rule. I know I would hate it if someone snapped their fingers at me or tried to take control.

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