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Shirt Alert !

Shirt Alert!

Get up to 64% discount on Qollars Casual Shirts.


This shirt alert brings to your attention discounts on exclusive and limited edition pieces of art. Qollars artisan shirts manufacturing merges a strict handmade tradition with a proven expertise and cutting-edge technologies (automatic staplers, GERBER TECHNOLOGY software for the management of piazzato fabrics and patterns digital processing.)

Our shirts manufacturing covers all phases of garment production: starting from design (with opportunity to customise pattern) cutting, sewing to packaging, up to ironing and folding.

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Shirt Alert!

Get over 60% discount on Qollars Casual Shirts



Shirt Alert!

8 different white shirts for every occasion



Shirt Alert!

Great discounts on Qollars casual and smart handmade shirts


Shirt Alert

Up to 70% off Qollars Dress and Formal Shirts


The use of fabrics, mostly of fine quality is the result of a painstaking research mainly carried out between the best Italian weaving’s.

Reliability, expertise, and the guarantee of our handicraft production is rewarded by the satisfaction of our customers, more and more demanding with regard to quality and style.

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