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Why You Should Own a Shacket

Why You Should Own a Shacket


A shacket also known as overshirt is basically a mash-up of a shirt and a jacket but without the weight, rigidity and warmth you get from a tailored jacket. Living in the tropics is hot enough for the average Nigerian man hence the need to own a piece of this versatile overshirt in your wardrobe for casual or semi-business casual occasions.

With its origin from mountaineering gear and military uniform the shacket began to filter into fashionable civilian dress during the 1980s and 1990s. It’s only in the last few years that the garment has gained a wider following within men’s fashion.

This shirt with jacket DNA has a roomier fit to provide more room for layers, making for something as utilitarian as it is stylish. The charcoal black shacket itself is made of 96% cotton for breathability and 4% elastane for comfort. It comes with a lapel, a contrasting houndstooth elbow patch and the same houndstooth fabric underneath the top collar. It also boasts a lining and structure to sit well over a shirt, polo or t-shirt.

Why You Should Own a Shacket

Mambo Shirt Jacket

Ways to wear depend upon the style of the shacket – the simplicity of the shirt jacket makes it ideal for wearing as an outer layer. A printed, checked or brightly coloured piece should become the statement due to its boldness, with other parts of your outfit taking a neutral backstep. Alternatively, your overshirt can be the blank canvas in a subdue way, with an under-layered tee or shirt to provide the punch – which is the case for the black shacket pictured above. Whichever colourway you take, the piece is designed to be layered up or down as you see fit.

The point of a shacket is versatility – the more you can mix it up, the more you reap on cost-per-wear. Still, with designers and brands boarding the shacket bandwagon this and seasons coming, it’ll be a good idea to get your hands on an a proper overshirt and stand out. The best part is that you can alter it easily to your body shape and taste like any other shirt you have in your wardrobe without the hassles and costs associated with altering a tailored jacket.

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