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Colour Psychology: Green and Sandy Brown

Colour Psychology: Green and Sandy Brown

Credit – @king_andino

The colour of nature, green is popular with the armed forces and proves perfect for camouflage. It gives out a reassuring message, and certain shades of green have a calming effect, hence green is often chosen by institutions for uniforms and wall colours.

Colour Psychology: Green and Sandy Brown

Greens vary from blue based hues (like pine and teal) to yellow based ones (like olive and moss). The brighter shades of green are best used either for casual wear or as an accent colour in a tie.

Sandy brown, another colour of mother earth is literally the most down-to-earth colour out there (no pun intended). The colours in the brown family (Stone, Taupe, Camel, Tan, Ivory, Pewter and Beige) are friendly and approachable and best of all, it hides the dirt. This could be why it’s one of the original colours for chinos.


It gives out a more relaxed, more approachable message than black. In warm climates like Nigeria, all tones of brown go well with casual and business wear. It is important, however, to wear the right tones.

If you’re of deep or clear colouring, wear your beige jacket with a darker or brighter shirt colour from your palette.

If you’re greying, avoid yellow tones of brown in beiges, taupes and camels. Stone and Pewter will work better.

As the two colours (green and sandy brown) are profound recognisable colours of nature, they naturally harmonise.

If you look around you, nature gives hints on colour combinations that work – for instance, green trees and forestry springing out of brown earth, the blue sea cupped inside brown sand on the shores and so on. Keep it earthy. Stay fresh.

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