Author: Felix

Roast and Toast Her

As the lovers week races towards its end, don’t be fooled into thinking that because Valentine’s day fell on a Tuesday you got away with one. Tuesday is not one of the most romantic days (any day just after Monday has to be in this bracket) I must say, so you could be forgiven if not much went down, but here comes the weekend where all your excuses get thrown out the window. All but this one, ‘Valentine’s day done pass joh, don’t worry next year I’ll blow you away with a splendid surprise’. Good luck with that.

10 Style Misconceptions of 2016

We are now in the second month of the year. I know what you’re thinking, the first month is already u? Irrespective of who is paying attention, time just rolls on doesn’t it? Talking about attention, year on year, trends get ours because they are usually formed from what people give attention to. Just like a little kid whose attention span is just as short as the amount of time MMM promises you a return on your investment (if we can call it that) they are gone before you are even aware they have started. Just like I said in 2015, by pointing out my style misconceptions of the previous year, men have the opportunity to put it right if they wish to.

Why You Should Own a Shacket

  A shacket also known as overshirt is basically a mash-up of a shirt and a jacket but without the weight, rigidity and warmth you get from a tailored jacket. Living in the tropics is hot enough for the average Nigerian man hence the need to own a piece of this versatile overshirt in your wardrobe for casual or semi-business casual occasions.

Taking Care of Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that we all love to use while taking walks, driving, attending events (daylight events of course), playing sports in the sun (beach volleyball and football, jogging) or taking selfies. You’ll find that you’re constantly taking them off and putting them back on; and with all this frequent use, smudges, dust, dirt, grease, hair oils, sweat, make-up and dead skin cells from different surfaces and points of contact accumulate on your sunglasses. Chances are, loose frames, lost screws and scratched lenses are also experienced from all this daily use.