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Becoming and staying a well groomed gentleman

Choosing Accessories

Accessories provide a great opportunity to express a little individuality and it can be fun to shop for them yourself, following your signature style and colour guidelines. Select items that will be appropriate to the rest of your outfit – keeping smart and casual separate where necessary. The accessories you choose to wear depend a lot on your personal look and preferences. Some men prefer bolder and thicker necklaces for instance, while others may prefer a thin subtle necklace. You’ll also find men that like jewellery with a story, it could be a piece that was passed down through the family ranks or a gift from someone you know. Getting it right is part of what makes you that well-dressed man.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man – Personal Style

To round-up the ‘becoming the well-dressed man’ series, we’ll be looking into different style personalities and help you determine your personal style. Remember, the first and most important part of becoming a well-dressed man is how your clothes fit followed by your natural colouring and what colours suit you and finally your style personality. Your personality, attitude, lifestyle, hobbies, cars and even the holidays you like to take all have an impact on the clothes that you choose. This defines your style personality otherwise known as your signature. Understanding your signature will make you realise why you like to dress in a certain way. It’ll help you look at ease in whatever you choose to wear and also make putting your wardrobe together much easier and in a cohesive manner.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man – Colour

Last weeks post was bout how we can all, starting this year, become the well dressed man going by three key element namely, fit, colour and style. We started with ‘fit’ and talked about how it’s the most important aspect of becoming a well-dressed man. This weeks post will cover the second aspect, knowing your ‘colour’.