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Wine Traditions & Palate Practise – Reader Question

The people of every region of the world have their own tastes in food that are influenced by the available ingredients, the climate and the cuisine tradition that has evolved over the years. Precisely the same is true with wine. A reader from the Qollars BBM Channel asked a few questions about wine flavours. He wanted to know more about wine etiquette, region specific wines, exercising your palates for better wine tasting including the technique involved and I thought it’d make for an insightful post.

Wedding in Benin City

People love to attend weddings for different reasons – one, it’s the perfect excuse to get all dressed up wearing your Sunday best – two, the vibrant atmosphere at the event is a beautiful uplifting experience and finally, foodies like myself look forward to item number 7 on the schedule for obvious reasons.

Definition of a Sqollar

To tell this in its entirety, I first have to tell you a bit about how the journey started. The idea of the company Qollars LTD (pronounced ko-llars like Qatar) came about in 2013 after a phone call with a friend. We talked about a subscription like business model to deliver shirts on a schedule to people who work in regulated industries.