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Creativity in Monochrome – A Lawyers Perspective

As you might have noticed, I have an affinity with black and white pictures particularly because of the timelessness and soulfulness they portray. “When you photograph people in colour you see their clothes, but when you photograph people in black and white, you see their souls” is a good quote by Ted Grant to put this in perspective. Monochrome, as we know it, is a well-established fashion lingo focused on minimalism, usually with the combination of black and white. If you’ve been to law school in West Africa, you’ll remember that appearing unique from others was an uphill task because you’re required to wear a white shirt and black pants.

Combining Shirts and Ties: A Bankers Guide

Work dress codes and social etiquette in Nigeria are still pretty much standardised. Only in oil and gas companies based here in Port Harcourt, new-age startups and in the creative industries where casual Friday is from Monday to Friday, will you observe a bit of freedom on work clothe choices. On the other hand, in one of the fastest growing industries in the country, bankers are obligated to adorn a shirt and tie (apart from Fridays). The most common shirt colours worn by bankers happen to be the most popular dress shirt colours in the world: white, sky blue and light pink.

Basic Wardrobe Checklist – Infographic

You don’t need a vast amount of clothes to be well dressed for work, formal occasions and your everyday casual activities. The important thing is to rotate your clothes, shoes and accessories on a daily basis to allow your clothes to rest between wearing. The number of items quoted on the basic wardrobe checklist infographic below is the minimum requirement to ensure you are well dressed at all times.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man – Fit

To transform yourself into the well-dressed man this year won’t necessarily cost you a lot of money, you simply need to choose clothes that complement your build, colouring and personality. When buying a piece of clothing only buy it if it fits you well, then consider whether the colour suits you and finally consider whether it is stylish or inspiring. Seems obvious right? You’ll be surprised how hard it is to stick to this even if you don’t disagree with it.

Top 10 Style Misconceptions of 2015

In a few days it’s going to be a new year and there are some style misconceptions I’ve either witnessed, experienced or heard in conversations from men since I moved back to Nigeria this year – hopefully these misconceptions don’t linger on into 2016. I do hope none of this sounds arrogant or puts off men from experimenting – it’s only a pointer that we should all first master the basics. Below are the top 10 style misconceptions I’ve encountered this year – the idea is that by pointing them out more men have an idea how to put it right.

Made In….

There is the perception of location-specific quality; just because everything can be produced everywhere, doesn’t necessarily mean that (perceived) quality levels have been globalised. Some regions can afford to be expensive because of superior skills, rare expertise and/or a rock-solid brand. Which is why, contrary to earlier doomsayers, high-end brands are manufacturing or assembling in high-wage home countries, and not suffering from it. To put in simple terms, knowing where in the world to source for the best of the best in each product category is a differentiating factor that shouldn’t be ignored.