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Why You Should Own a Shacket

  A shacket also known as overshirt is basically a mash-up of a shirt and a jacket but without the weight, rigidity and warmth you get from a tailored jacket. Living in the tropics is hot enough for the average Nigerian man hence the need to own a piece of this versatile overshirt in your wardrobe for casual or semi-business casual occasions.

Chambray – The New Denim?

Over the years, as far as fabrics go, not too many fabrics can boast of the popularity and wide use of denim. It’s a material that has earned it’s place among the classic fabrics – transcending time, region and social status. It’s restrictions lie in its roots as a casual off-duty wear plus the weight of the fabric. This is were chambray gets the heads up.

Unconstructed Jackets

The top 10 style misconceptions of 2015 post raised a few questions from readers via email; especially number 6, which was about the unconstructed jacket. What is it? What does it look and feel like? Well, this type of jacket also known as a deconstructed or soft jacket is a typical Neapolitan jacket designed with little or no interfacing, padding or lining to produce a loose, soft shape for hot climate wear – which is excellent for tropical regions wear the sun shines like no other.

Qualities That Make a Shirt

In comparison to a suit, there isn’t as much to say about identifying a quality shirt, however, you should be as discriminating about the construction of a shirt as you are of a suit. You’ll find below a couple of things that you should look out for – things that don’t make much of a difference to quality and those that do make a difference to the quality of a shirt. Let’s start with the insignificant stuff.