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Choosing Accessories

Accessories provide a great opportunity to express a little individuality and it can be fun to shop for them yourself, following your signature style and colour guidelines. Select items that will be appropriate to the rest of your outfit – keeping smart and casual separate where necessary. The accessories you choose to wear depend a lot on your personal look and preferences. Some men prefer bolder and thicker necklaces for instance, while others may prefer a thin subtle necklace. You’ll also find men that like jewellery with a story, it could be a piece that was passed down through the family ranks or a gift from someone you know. Getting it right is part of what makes you that well-dressed man.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man – Personal Style

To round-up the ‘becoming the well-dressed man’ series, we’ll be looking into different style personalities and help you determine your personal style. Remember, the first and most important part of becoming a well-dressed man is how your clothes fit followed by your natural colouring and what colours suit you and finally your style personality. Your personality, attitude, lifestyle, hobbies, cars and even the holidays you like to take all have an impact on the clothes that you choose. This defines your style personality otherwise known as your signature. Understanding your signature will make you realise why you like to dress in a certain way. It’ll help you look at ease in whatever you choose to wear and also make putting your wardrobe together much easier and in a cohesive manner.

Bar Etiquette – Ordering Drinks

This post was originally written for The Place Lagos. At The Place Night Club, the crowds come in regularly to enjoy the quality of the atmosphere and the ambience. In any bustling environment, one could easily get overwhelmed if you don’t know your way about. Experienced bar-goers will tell you that getting served a drink in a bustling environment requires you to have your wits at its best. When everyone is competing for the bartender’s attention, there are things you can do and things you shouldn’t do to get on the bartenders good side and minimise the time you spend waiting. I’m not talking about flirting with or promising the bartender anything either – I’m talking about bar etiquette.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man – Colour

Last weeks post was bout how we can all, starting this year, become the well dressed man going by three key element namely, fit, colour and style. We started with ‘fit’ and talked about how it’s the most important aspect of becoming a well-dressed man. This weeks post will cover the second aspect, knowing your ‘colour’.

Becoming The Well Dressed Man – Fit

To transform yourself into the well-dressed man this year won’t necessarily cost you a lot of money, you simply need to choose clothes that complement your build, colouring and personality. When buying a piece of clothing only buy it if it fits you well, then consider whether the colour suits you and finally consider whether it is stylish or inspiring. Seems obvious right? You’ll be surprised how hard it is to stick to this even if you don’t disagree with it.

Top 10 Style Misconceptions of 2015

In a few days it’s going to be a new year and there are some style misconceptions I’ve either witnessed, experienced or heard in conversations from men since I moved back to Nigeria this year – hopefully these misconceptions don’t linger on into 2016. I do hope none of this sounds arrogant or puts off men from experimenting – it’s only a pointer that we should all first master the basics. Below are the top 10 style misconceptions I’ve encountered this year – the idea is that by pointing them out more men have an idea how to put it right.

Looking The Part For Christmas Events

There will be a number of events going on around you this festive season and you need to ensure your look is appropriate for wherever you’re going. One of the elements of being well dressed is being appropriately dressed for every occasion, circumstance, locality and age group. There are also cultural differences you need to consider. Sometimes you may think that as long as your clothes are clean, ‘it’ll do’. But the way you put your look together will send different messages to those around you. There are occasions when a suit and tie are the only appropriate attire. Conversely, you might be regarded as overdressed in that same suit and tie when the rest of the group is casually dressed. This post provides you with general guidelines for appropriate dressing for different scenarios, smart casual and black tie to be exact. Don’t assume, nowadays, that you have to wear a suit to a wedding; likewise don’t take it for granted that you can go to a party in jeans.

Packing For A Trip

There’s nothing like taking a trip anywhere, it’s great therapy. The holiday season is upon us and a lot of people will have planned trips to either be reunited with their loved ones, take a break from work with friends and family to an exciting destination or to go someplace warm with lots of sunshine. Whatever reason you have for a trip this Christmas season, a little forethought and planning will go a long way to ensure you have wardrobe essentials to serve you all through your holiday.

Qualities That Make a Shirt

In comparison to a suit, there isn’t as much to say about identifying a quality shirt, however, you should be as discriminating about the construction of a shirt as you are of a suit. You’ll find below a couple of things that you should look out for – things that don’t make much of a difference to quality and those that do make a difference to the quality of a shirt. Let’s start with the insignificant stuff.

Colour Psychology: Browns & Beiges

The colour psychology series started with blacks and reds – this time around it’s about browns and beiges which are probably the most down-to-earth colours out there. The colours in the brown family (Stone, Taupe, Camel, Tan, Ivory, Pewter and Beige) are friendly and approachable and best of all: it hides the dirt. This could be why it’s one of the original colours for chinos.