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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales


You don’t want to miss this – it’s the hour you’ve been waiting for. Starting midnight tonight (Thursday GMT +1), our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales kicks off. You can get your hands on our highly sought-after shirts Made-In-Italy from the number one shirtier (I know the word doesn’t exist) in Nigeria. Discounts are up to 60%  and you get FREE Shipping in Nigeria if your order adds up to N15,000 Naira and above. This offer ends Monday the 30th of November at 23:59pm (GMT +1) only on Strictly for the Freshest of Sqollars – you won’t get this anywhere else.

Shop Now and

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One of our best sellers, the Grand Aron White

Who said we had to wait till Friday 😛


Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Shoe Guide



Last week, we talked about how you can size someone up from the watch they are wearing; another way to size a man up is definitely from the shoes he is wearing. If you put on the wrong shoes, it affects your whole outfit – get them right and people will notice. This blog post has 10 shoe tips and the bare minimum shoes to buy. Read More

A Piece of Time – Watch Guide



Science theories tell us that time is the only true unit of measure. This puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of time and why keeping time is such a big deal – a deal you shouldn’t take for granted. For the manliest of men, there’s only one rule for jewellery: less is more. The one item of jewellery you really can’t do without is an excellent watch. Read More

Giveaway – Win any of these Qollars Shirts

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Hi Ladies and Gents,

The holiday season is almost upon us and with it comes a barrage of buying requests, office parties, family and friend get-together’s, travel plans and unwanted gifts – you get the point.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on so we thought we jump in and simplify things. Sometimes the best gifts for yourself or a loved one are the simple things and they don’t come simpler than receiving the perfect shirt from the number 1 “shirtiers” in Nigeria via the deliveryman (in case you’re wondering, the delivery man won’t be Santa Clause). We love giving free stuff away and we haven’t done this in a while – for all your support, this is a great opportunity to give something back just for you. Read More

Organising your Wardrobe

Organising your wardrobeAnother work week starts tomorrow and one of the lingering questions in your head is “what am I going to wear?”. You’ve probably, at some point, found yourself standing in front of your wardrobe just staring at your clothes not knowing what to create out of what you have. One of the reasons some men don’t know where they are with their style is because they don’t have a clear picture of their wardrobe. Read More

Lagos Fashion & Design Week In Photos


The just concluded Lagos fashion and design week at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos was a spectacle to behold. On display, from dapper to outrageously bizarre, there was a mix of simple classic elegance and trendy fast fashion. As with most fashion weeks that occur at the fashion capitals of the world, we experienced a good show. I’ll let you be the judge as you scroll through some of the pictures. Read More

Wine Traditions & Palate Practise – Reader Question


The people of every region of the world have their own tastes in food that are influenced by the available ingredients, the climate and the cuisine tradition that has evolved over the years. Precisely the same is true with wine. A reader from the Qollars BBM Channel asked a few questions about wine flavours. He wanted to know more about wine etiquette, region specific wines, exercising your palates for better wine tasting including the technique involved and I thought it’d make for an insightful post. Read More

Dressing Yourself Slim


While you know a good diet and exercise are the real answers, you’d actually like to look lighter right here and now. Those huge baggy clothing is not camouflaging the wobbly bits as much as you think. It’s rather labeling you as “MR Huge Baggy Clothing”. Women have known for years how to make themselves look slimmer just by what they wear, now it’s our turn. We both know there is nothing wrong with your body; there’s just a little more to love than there used to be and the world doesn’t want to see it. Read More