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Taking Care of Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that we all love to use while taking walks, driving, attending events (daylight events of course), playing sports in the sun (beach volleyball and football, jogging) or taking selfies. You’ll find that you’re constantly taking them off and putting them back on; and with all this frequent use, smudges, dust, dirt, grease, hair oils, sweat, make-up and dead skin cells from different surfaces and points of contact accumulate on your sunglasses. Chances are, loose frames, lost screws and scratched lenses are also experienced from all this daily use.

Choosing Accessories

Accessories provide a great opportunity to express a little individuality and it can be fun to shop for them yourself, following your signature style and colour guidelines. Select items that will be appropriate to the rest of your outfit – keeping smart and casual separate where necessary. The accessories you choose to wear depend a lot on your personal look and preferences. Some men prefer bolder and thicker necklaces for instance, while others may prefer a thin subtle necklace. You’ll also find men that like jewellery with a story, it could be a piece that was passed down through the family ranks or a gift from someone you know. Getting it right is part of what makes you that well-dressed man.

A Piece of Time – Watch Guide

  Science theories tell us that time is the only true unit of measure. This puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of time and why keeping time is such a big deal – a deal you shouldn’t take for granted. For the manliest of men, there’s only one rule for jewellery: less is more. The one item of jewellery you really can’t do without is an excellent watch.