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Qualities That Make a Shirt

In comparison to a suit, there isn’t as much to say about identifying a quality shirt, however, you should be as discriminating about the construction of a shirt as you are of a suit. You’ll find below a couple of things that you should look out for – things that don’t make much of a difference to quality and those that do make a difference to the quality of a shirt. Let’s start with the insignificant stuff.

Colour Psychology: Browns & Beiges

The colour psychology series started with blacks and reds – this time around it’s about browns and beiges which are probably the most down-to-earth colours out there. The colours in the brown family (Stone, Taupe, Camel, Tan, Ivory, Pewter and Beige) are friendly and approachable and best of all: it hides the dirt. This could be why it’s one of the original colours for chinos.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

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Made In….

There is the perception of location-specific quality; just because everything can be produced everywhere, doesn’t necessarily mean that (perceived) quality levels have been globalised. Some regions can afford to be expensive because of superior skills, rare expertise and/or a rock-solid brand. Which is why, contrary to earlier doomsayers, high-end brands are manufacturing or assembling in high-wage home countries, and not suffering from it. To put in simple terms, knowing where in the world to source for the best of the best in each product category is a differentiating factor that shouldn’t be ignored.